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Camel Trek Tours Morocco organizes Morocco Private Tours, Group tours, Desert trips in Morocco, overnight in a Berber camp, camel trekking and excursions by camels to across the Moroccan Sahara desert where you will enjoy watching the sunrise or sunset in the top of Erg Chebbi golden sand dunes.

Camel Trek Tours Morocco is a Morocco travel tours company run by a professional team specializes in the field of tourism,  We will give you the exclusive opportunity to visit, explore and travel to the most beautiful places in Morocco. We can meet your needs, your requirements and your goals with the most comfortable means of transportation to get a unique and authentic experience of tours in Morocco, we invite you to discover and explore a real experience and depth. Camel Trek Tours Morocco is an experienced travel agency whose primary objectives is: to meet customer needs, provide quality service, reservations and respond to the needs also Looking forward to meeting you in this wonderful country.

Why Camel Trek Tours for Morocco tours?

Morocco is loaded with enthralling places to visit, and there will be a moment when you have to decide which holiday destination is best for you. Mainly, people have different reasons for a vacation experience that includes adventure, culture, history, and wilderness, you can’t find a better place than Morocco if you love adventure and unique destination. Morocco is a diverse country filled with majestic palaces, fascinating museums, mouth-watering cuisine and foods, large expanses of stunning natural landscapes, atlas, and desert.

Desert trips in Morocco can be a great experience for adventure lover. Hotels in Merzouga and the neighbouring area striving a wide range of services and prices for all tastes and budgets. You need to just book with us and we will make your Morocco tours memorable.

Who can plan for visit Morocco tours with Camel Trek Tours

  • Trekking  If you love trekking you can find RIF mountains, high atlas mountains, middle atlas mountains and anti-atlas mountains perfect for desert tours in Morocco. 
  • Beaches – With beaches padding both the Atlantic and Mediterranean coasts, there is no curtailment of seaside leisure. The Mediterranean coast has petrified beaches; the sea is also uneven and many people prefer not to swim from here, but the scenes are beautiful and are worth to visit. 
  • The Imperial Cities – Marrakech, Fes, Rabat, and Meknes have all, at some periods in history, been the capital of Morocco. These cities have palaces, churches, mosques, and museums that offer an impression into Morocco’s history. These imperial cities are perfect for Morocco luxury private tours
  • Traditional  Riads – Riads are traditional places or house that have inside gardens. Today, many Riads have been transformed into hotels and luxury restaurants. Even if you have accommodations, make a point to take a look at some of the traditional riads, which have marvellous structure.
  • The Desert – South of the Anti-Atlas Mountains is the Sahara Desert where you can also procure a camel tour, which is fully explored via a 4×4 tour or camel ride. The Camel Trek tours quickly take you over the gritty roads via the desert villages while the slower, more leisurely camel ride allows you to enjoy the details of the desert. If you wish to camp in the desert, expect to fall asleep under an expansive shining sky and wake up to a remarkable desert dawn.

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