FAQ -Travel Questions about Morocco

Is it allowed to drink Moroccan water?

Tap water is not advised. As you are not used to it, it can upset you stomach, causing diarrhoea. For drinking preferable bottled water.

Do I Need Visa?

It depends. Travellers coming from English-speaking countries, such as the UK, the USA, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, etc. (exception South Africa) will not need a visa to enter Morocco and can stay as long as 3 months. Make sure your passport has one blank page left for an entry stamp.

Is it a good idea travelling with children to Morocco?

It’s better to bring them to discover something extraordinary. Moroccans love children and they are the central aspiration in every Moroccan family you may well find that people will frequently come up to admire them, to compliment you on them and to caress them, and your children can help you to open up opportunities for getting to know people

Can I get Alcohol in Morocco?

Alcohol is available and major cities, such as Marrakech and Casablanca are home to country’s best nightclubs and bars. Parties till the wee hours at one of the best places, there is not stopping to it. College going students or visitors in group can take the full advantage of the Moroccan bars. They serve the best.

What are the differences between BB, half board (HB)?

Please note that in our tour itinerary you will find sometimes the price include HB or Half board which means that Dinner and breakfast are include, and if you find just BB means breakfast and bed include dinner is not.

Is it safe for women to travel alone?

Generally it’s safe need to be dressed humbly in Moroccan culture, but dress conservatively by covering your shoulders, stomach, keens and avoid fitting clothes, no need to cover your head.

About Traditions and Culture?

This is something you should be more concerned about. While attending a social meeting or eating or shaking hands, never use your left hand. For Moroccans, it is a sign of unclean, impure and dirty. Female travellers need to be dressed humbly in Moroccan culture, by covering your shoulders, stomach and keens and avoid fitting clothes, no need to cover your head